Phacoemulsification: Cataract Surgery

Doctor in surgery

Animal Eye Consultants offers phacoemulsification, a specialized surgery for the treatment of cataracts for companion pets.

Cataract is a clouding of lens in your pet’s eye. There are many types of cataract, and it can be the result of diabetes mellitus, injury, or genetics. There are several possible surgical solutions, and phacoemulsification surgery can provide excellent results in the improvement of your pet’s vision.

The Phacoemulsification Procedure

Phacoemulsification cataract surgery removes the cataract by utilizing high frequency ultrasound. The high-tech phacoemulsification unit generates ultrasonic waves thru a very small hand piece. We carefully insert the hand piece into the cataractous lens. Fluid irrigation is used to maintain the shape of the eye and to keep the tip of the hand piece cool while aspiration removes the diseased lens fragments.

Post-Surgical Care

After your pet receives phacoemulsification, additional follow up visits are important to monitor your pet’s healing process. We will prescribe medicated eye drops and oral medications to help your pet heal and control inflammation. Your pet will be fitted with a plastic collar to prevent scratching or rubbing of the eye.

Additionally, our veterinary team will communicate with your pet’s primary veterinarian and report the results and any additional information necessary to ensure your pet receives high-quality, veterinary care.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our phacoemulsification service, or to schedule an appointment.